Camp Hope will is unlike anything you have ever experience! You’re not just joining a team you are becoming apart of a family. If you are considering joining the staff of a Camp Hope camp, there are three things you need to know.

You will SERVE: The main role of a counselor is to be involved with your campers, but your role doesn’t stop there - we also serve each other and the partner camp locations. That means there will be times you will be asked to do something outside your role, and by doing so you are often given the chance to discover strengths you never knew you had.

You will GROW: At Camp Hope we place an incredible value on investing in our team. While serving staff will go through training - spiritual training and trauma training. There are opportunities grow in your faith through staff time, team devotions, and worship nights. There is also something cool that happens when we leave our routine, the noise of our own lives, and selflessly give ourselves to others - we are never the same. Many of our staff say they were forever changed because of their experience at Camp Hope.

You will have the TIME OF YOUR LIFE: Being on staff at Camp Hope will be by far one of the best times of your life! We play, we laugh, we dance, we cry, we celebrate, and we know how to have a party. You are surrounded by some of the most energetic, passionate, Jesus-focused people who want nothing more than our campers to encounter Jesus. It’s impossible to not have a blast when each day is spent creating an environment where kids can have fun, play and hear about Jesus.

Are you ready to serve, grow and have the time of your life? Then apply to be apart of our team!


Have you ever had so much summer fun that you wished the sun would stay out just a little longer? Well, in this small Eastern European country you will soon discover that the summer days are almost endless and camp doesn’t stop until the sun goes down. Rest while you can….it rises again just a few hours later!


As a kid, did you ever wonder what it would be like to fly? Here, campers let their imaginations soar while they sail through the air on the high adventure course. Journey with us to a beautiful cloud forest deep in the mountains of Costa Rica in Central America. You’ll feel close enough to the stars to reach up and grab one


Think taco in a bag, your favorite 90’s summer camp movie and a color run. You don’t need a passport to be a part of the team here because Camp Hope Richmond is in the countryside of Virginia. Kayaking, canoeing, friendship bracelets, old fashioned camp songs and American style camp food are all waiting for you.

Camp Hope has been one of the biggest ways I’ve been able to grow in my faith. Especially as a teenager, it is often times hard for me to find a place where I belong, but at Camp Hope, I felt like the perfect piece of the family puzzle. They have given me a new home and I am forever thankful! Everyone should be a part of Camp Hope!!!
— Grace, Richmond group leader