Our Story

Camp Hope didn’t start as a vision or dream. It started with a simple “Yes” to God. In 2005, a group of 20 American volunteers agreed to serve as short-term missionaries in Latvia, a small country located in Eastern Europe. These volunteers had a strong desire to serve the Lord together with their children. They contacted an American missionary friend who quickly introduced them to Mudite Mardoka—a Latvian woman working tirelessly to care for the children and families in her community who were suffering from the consequences of poverty in a post-communism world.

“We must have a camp.” Mudite said.

The group readily agreed that a daily Vacation Bible School would be easy to offer.

“No. They must live with us.” Mudite understood that these children would otherwise never have an opportunity to experience summer camp. She realized that a week of residential summer camp would allow an environment where the children could see outside of their circumstances to hear about a God who loves them like crazy and created them for a good purpose.

Camp Hope was born.

We now serve over 500 children every year at three locations around the world: Latvia, Costa Rica and Richmond, Virginia. Each camp has its own unique God-sized story. One short-term mission trip turned into a year-round fully accredited 501C3 non-profit ministry.

Where will we go next? We know that a life with Jesus brings Light into the darkest places. HOPE changes everything. We are continuously praying that God will show us when he wants us to say “yes” again.

God does not begin by asking our ability, only our availability, and if we prove our dependability, He will increase out capability
— Neal Maxwell


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