These aren’t your average missions trips, it’s an adventure and it’s hard work. You’ll get to dive deep into culture, see with a new perspective, and to love and live with the kids in the countries we work in.

Be prepared to be challenged, no one sits on the side at Camp Hope. We believe in an ALL IN attitude no matter what the task might be. You will likely be pushed a little (or a lot) outside of your comfort zone. We do this on purpose, we want you to get the most out of your experience and learn to live in the moment and be present.

Moments are like pennies, imagine if you saved every single one you found? It would add up quick. But if you throw away every penny you found you might find yourself throwing away your whole life.

trip info and faq’s

When is it?

2019 Camp Dates are:

  • Costa Rica: January 4th-13th

  • Latvia: June 28th-14th

  • Richmond: August 10th-15th

How old do you have to be?

Camp Hope started as a way for families to do missions trips together. Our youngest team member has been 8 and our oldest 72 (but don’t let that limit you)!

What Roles are there at camp?

Our main role we look for is Camp counselors, but we also have band members, camp photographer, videographer, camp nurse, operations & logistics team, activity coordinator, craft coordinator, floaters, a speaker, and camp mom & dads.

How much is it?

Each camp varies depending on location, airfare, and what we are doing. Camp Hope Richmond is around $300 but a good estimate for international camps is $2,500. This includes airfare, accommodations, meals, ground transportation and camp fee’s.

Who Leads the trips?

This will be a member of the Camp Hope leadership team, generally it is the Camp Director of the specific camp.

Do I need vaccinations?

We do require every team member to fill out a health form. Even though we don’t expect it, we want to always be prepared to offer you the best care if you need medical assistance or experience a medical emergencies. As far as vaccines, we follow the CDC recommendations.

Where will we go?

This depends on which Camp you choose. For our international trips we debrief as a team at the end of camp. Debrief includes a gathering to process what we’ve experienced, to give feedback, and love and encourage each other. Our debrief takes place in the capital city of each country - in Latvia, we spend a few days in Riga, and in Costa Rica we do the same in San Jose.

What will we be doing?

You’re at camp! Your “job” is to be involved with your campers - making crafts, swimming, playing gaga ball, soccer, painting nails, playing games, and be silly - we’re in the relationship building business. As we intentionally invest time, we get the great privilege of becoming friends, and then the added benefit of loving and encouraging them. You will also help the campers follow our 3 main rules:

  1. No hurts

  2. Stick together

  3. Have fun.

What do I need to pack?

We’ll give you a suggested packing list based on location. Pack light and smart is generally the key. Some places you’ll need a jacket and others a swimsuit - in all places you need sunscreen and a great attitude!

When do I get to meet the team I’m traveling with?

Before we leave for camp we have several required team meetings. We prefer to have the team meet in person, but location means that’s not always possible. Web access for meetings is available.

What does a day at camp look like?

Being on staff means we’re the first ones up because daily team meeting, devotion, and announcements happen prior to campers waking up. We eat all meals together as one big family. Through out the day you and your cabin will be rotating through activities together - this might include dancing, crafts, swimming, high ropes and group games. At each camp we have A BIG MEETING where we gather as a camp to worship and hear a message. Just like being the first to wake up you are also the last one to sleep. Once your cabin is asleep you have the option to crash too, or hang with the team, or to join late night worship. The days are long, but we still never want them to end!

If you have any questions about camp (big or small) please contact us or email us at

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